Caregiver's Support Group

Taking care of your loved one requires that you take good care of yourself. And there may come a time when, as a caregiver, you need some respite, some time to yourself. 

If left unchecked, the stresses of looking after a family member going through a serious illness can easily lead to overburdening of your own physical and emotional stability. This can create further distress and, ultimately, an inability to continue giving care to your loved one.

For this reason, Hospice of Orleans offer a weekly caregiver’s support group. This service is open to the community and provided at no cost to the participants. 

In-office meetings are currently cancelled due to COVID-19

Our weekly meeting is a safe, confidential setting in which to vent thoughts and feelings or listen and learn from others. The Caregivers Support Group, facilititated by Sr. Dolores O'Dowd,  meets every Thursday at the Hospice office from 5-6pm. Although reservations are not required, please call ahead in case of inclement weather or scheduling conflicts to be sure the group will be meeting. 589-0809. Please feel free to call us with any questions.